AirTag Bike Mount and Reflector

This minimalist bike mount for Apple AirTag is also a bicycle reflector! Simply place your AirTag in the holder, screw on the back, and attach it securely to your bike with the included zip tie.

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Choose between a red or white reflective surface, both of which are made from genuine 3M Diamond-Grade reflective material—the exact same material as used on road signs and freight trucks! You can also choose a case color in either black or white to best match your bike.

These bicycle mounts are 3D-printed on-demand from plant-sourced bioplastic, which is durable and withstands all weather conditions but can also be biodegraded in specialized industrial equipment. Everything is personally assembled by hand. (Apple AirTag not included.)


I designed this reflector after looking for a way to attach my Apple AirTag to my bike. When I couldn’t find any products out there that met my needs, I set out to design my own — one that doubled as something I’d put on my bike anyway: A safety reflector!


Lately, other people have been listing this item for sale using my design and even some using my photos, but this is the 100% true original! Turning this idea into something special has taken a lot of time and effort, so if you notice this design for sale anywhere else, please let me know.



Computer scientist, tinkerer, and fixed-gear enthusiast living in Montréal, Canada.